Michael used to own a ship...

... now he has a relationship.

Carson Beckett & Michael the Wraith
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"I wasn't welcome among my own kind -- why should I be welcome here?"
Michael _ Ep.302 Misbegotten

Welcome here, whoever you are, Human or Wraith.
This is a brand new community dedicated to... love. Pure love. Tortured love.
The love of two losts souls who found each other on the ancient city of Atlantis.

If you like Dr.Carson Beckett and Michael Kenmore/Wraith, especially when they are in the same room, then this is the perfect place for you !

Ok, this warning may remind you something but the only person I plagiarize is myself. ^^

This community will contain a lot of fictions, art and discussions not suitable for immature persons like children or homophobic people ! (Or... I hope so ! ^^ Otherwise it would be sooo sad !) We are not just slash-friendly, we are totally slash related. It's our reason to live.

- If you aren't an adult regarding to the laws of your country please click here.

-If you can't stand boys kissing boys and doing... herm... a lot of x-rated stuff together, then click here and don't come back, thanks !

That was for the bad stuff. Now for the good...

Everything is allowed : all kind of stories, graphics, icons, manips, drawings of course ! of all ratings, as long as Carson and/or Michael are a big part of it. Threesomes and moresomes are appreciated.
Exemple : You can post icons of Michael even if he's alone. But do not post a Michael/Teyla manip if Carson is not in there, I'm not against the pairing but this is not the good place, Carson would be jealous.

All the fictions, heavy and/or NC-17 pictures must be under a LJ-cut, just like that...

<lj-cut text="Type your title here">


All the comments must be nice or constructive : don't flame. Act as adults, please. If you don't... I'll lock you in Michael's fridge and you will see how hungry he can be after a long night with Carson.

Any question ? Wanna affiliate your community with us ? Contact the nutty maintainer echelon_ga_l.

"You underestimate your own value, doctor. [...] You're exaclty what I need !"
Michael _ Ep.302 Misbegotten

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